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August 9, 2017

Public Relations Media Monitoring V1: The ‘Why’

This is my favorite PR-related subject. Why? Because I used to fucking hate media monitoring until I started essentially working for myself as my own PR person. Key word: USED TO. Now I’m obsessed and can’t wait to share why.

Let’s back it up though and break it down for all of you who have absolutely no idea what media monitoring is (or think that it’s surfing the Internet…in which, technically you wouldn’t be wrong but in this scenario you are slightly off the mark.)

At a basic level, media monitoring is usually the first task thrown your way when you’re a bright-eyed intern at her first PR gig. It’s the work that’s really important, but also REALLY boring.

Media monitoring is the act of combing the Internet for articles and content that mention the brand you are representing or work for. 

Why is media monitoring important?

Aside from the obvious of being “in-the-know” about what media is saying about your products, it gives you an opportunity to show your employer why your paycheck is worth funding. No PR person actually wants to say that out loud, but it’s true.

Listen, PR is obviously one of the hardest industries to measure when it comes to return.

Sales? Easy, give them goals. If they hit it…obviously they’re contributing to the company bottom line.

Marketing? Sure, give influencers a coupon code to share with their followers. Or better yet, give them an affiliate link that they can share…they get a percentage of total sales and you keep the rest.

PR? …*Crickets*…

I mean, we can boast about how we landed a piece on a website that get’s 3 million viewers on a daily basis sure…but how can we prove that all 3 million of those eyes read the piece that we had a single line-mention in?

Easy answer is that you can’t. But as a PR person, your number one focus should be about building brand awareness.

The more placements you land in a given month that mention either your brand or your products directly correlate to the goal of educating the general public about your mere existence.

At the end of the month, you should have an arsenal of articles boasting your brand/products at-the-ready to show your employers the audiences that are being exposed to their existence. Quality over quantity of course, if you work with an editor one-on-one and she runs an article that nails every single key point of difference about your brand…That’s HUGE and worth celebrating!

You want an organic piece written by an editor who fell in love with your product to read like an advertisement…because then you can prove how you were able to deliver the company message and hit those key message points without spending a DIME on traditional advertising fees.


Knowing WHY you’re stalking the Internet is important for driving your day-to-day pitches as well. If you see that one product of yours is getting a lot of love but a key message point just isn’t making it into the press for one reason or another…well, now you know your next project.

Media monitoring is like research, it’s a way to figure out what the market wants to hear and allows you to craft an intelligent pitch that’ll add value. More on that in this post here.

Got any questions? Cool, now that you know WHY you should be spending time on media monitoring…check back next week for the HOW. I got you covered from the best platforms that can help automate your life and make it a little easier to a freebie tech tool that you’re gonna want to use even if you AREN’T a PR person or entrepreneur.

Drop questions in the comments if you have any,

otherwise see ya in my next post fam!

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