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August 21, 2017

Industry Insider: Best Newsletters for Your AM Read

A lot can be said for industry newsletters. Or not even industry, just in general NEWSLETTERS. You know, those annoying emails you get every single day that are filled with usually worthless information? Well, I’m here to tell you that there are a select handful out there that aren’t a waste of time or inbox space.

And if I’m being totally honest?

I sound intelligent in conversation half the time thanks to what I scroll through and read in those newsletters every morning.

They’re a great and easily digested way to stay on top of news, and given how fast the news cycle is these days it keeps you from getting pulled down the rabbit hole of Twitter or any other type of social media. And/or falling for “fake news” which I am also guilty of! No shame in my game lol.

So, how do you know which newsletters are actually worth signing up for? I got you. The below are ones that I ACTUALLY GET sent to my inbox and I never “auto-archive” them for the sake of missing news that is relevant to my day job as a PR girl.

For those of you that don’t know, hi.

I work as a PR girl in the cosmetics industry.

Welcome to the party.

Back to the point, give these newsletters a try if you’re looking for a way to keep up with news without cluttering your inbox. Another tip I can give you if you’re a fan of “inbox zero” is to set up a separate email account JUST for subscriptions.

That way, you have one for personal notes, one for work stuff, and one just for subscriptions.

If you ever want to disconnect from that part of the world, all you gotta do is uninstall that email inbox from your phone. Bam. Problem solved without a lot of hoops to jump through!

  • The Skimm: This is the best newsletter for just a general look at world news today and what’s happening in everything from the political universe to activism and everything in-between. It’s short and sweet, meaning you can probably skim (ha get it) through it in less than five minutes and get the gist of if this is the day the world is gonna end or not.

  • Gary Vee: The Hustler’s Digest: This is the newest addition to my morning inbox but I definitely don’t regret subscribing. Sent out every Monday, this newsletter gives a dose of the typical “Gary Vee” realness. If you don’t know who Gary is, god. Google him and thank me later. He’s a serial entrepreneur and social media wiz, to start…and a motivational speaker at his core. But I don’t think he refers to himself as that ever. But that’s what I think of him so… *Shrug. He’s the perfect kick in the ass you need to start working towards achieving your dreams and I LOVE this newsletter for that reason alone!!

  • Cosmetics Executive Women’s Digest: Tbh you might have to pay for this one. I don’t actually know, because I have a CEW membership. But this is also the most “beauty focused” digest of ’em all so might not apply to everyone reading this. CEW is basically a giant networking platform that puts on talks, panels, and the like for those in the cosmetic industry. The digest is great for keeping up with that sort of niche news and I love seeing what panels they’re putting on each month.

That’s it. That’s all you’re going to need and you’re going to be on TOP OF YOUR GAME. I’m sure if I tried I could recommend a few others but to be honest with you…after awhile all newsletters stop adding value and instead add clutter.

That’s why I don’t put out a newsletter of my own right now. I just don’t have enough unique content that I feel is worth cramming in your inbox on a weekly basis, *shrug. Anyone, any blogger, who claims otherwise is probably lying to you (unless they’re food bloggers. Man, those people NEVER run out of recipes to throw your way!!!)

OKOKOK people, what did I miss?

Any newsletters that YOU love that I should get on my radar?

Hit me in the comments section!

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