September 12, 2017

Episode 2: LesleyDoesMakeup on SLAYING the Influencer Game ft. Lesley Malhoyt #BeyondtheBranding

HELLOOOOOOOO everyone!!!

It’s here, finally!! The FIRST EVER #BeyondtheBranding influencer interview featuring my friend & bad-ass content creator babe Lesley Malhoyt!!!!

You’ve probably seen her somewhere in the social sphere given that she pushes out content consistently every single week and partners with brands like MELT Cosmetics, Ipsy, Too Faced, and more.

We covered a LOT of ground in this interview, from how to land and grow brand partnerships to the basics of starting a YouTube channel. Take a listen, if you have any questions as ALWAYS hit me up via social (info listed below) using the hashtag #BeyondtheBranding 🙂

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Ep 2: LesleyDoesMakeup on SLAYING the influencer and social media game ft. Lesley Malhoyt

(2:00) Intros; Who is the great Lesley Malhoyt?!

(5:00) Taking it again back to the beginning, how–where did your interest in kind of makeup start? I know that you said that you’re a pro makeup artist, but how did you kind of delve into the world of beauty?

(10:00) How do you balance curating content for multiple social platforms? Does each platform have a different set of “content requirements” for what works best on say…Instagram versus YouTube?

(17:00) Tell us about the beauty community and Ipsy Open Studios!!

(23:00) So what empowered you to become a YouTuber?

(25:00) The million dollar question, how do you approach brands to work with them? What tips and tricks do you have??

(37:00) You manage yourself (as in, you don’t have a manager to funnel your brand partnerships) how do you keep it all straight?

(43:00) What are your thoughts on #Sponsored content?

(51:00) Where can we stalk you on social?!?!?!?!?

HUGE thank you to Lesley for sitting down and chatting with us!! Please go and give her a follow on all of her social channels listed below, and drop her a comment so she knows you’re from the #BeyondtheBranding familia!!!



Instagram: LesleyDoesMakeup


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