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September 13, 2017

Influencer Identification: How to Find the “On Brand” Influencer

Working with influencers can be super rewarding from a brand point of view. Influencer marketing is one of the hottest ways to reach the public and for absolutely good reason. Think about it. As a consumer, I would MUCH rather trust someone’s opinion of a product if they’re more…like me.

As much as I would love to be able to relate to the gorgeous models that are often portrayed in advertisements…I don’t.

But you know who I do relate to?

That YouTuber who literally acts like me, talks like me, has the same skin problems that I do, etc. And that’s the logic behind using an influencer to help convert sales.

When it comes to identifying the right influencers to work with regardless of if it’s in a paid or earned capacity, you really need to have a very clear and concise understanding of your own brand.


Well…think about it. You want to be sure that whatever influencers you want to align yourself with are also in-line with values that your company holds. You also want to keep an eye on their audience. No point in working with influencers who primarily have an audience of 10-14 year olds if your product costs $40. They most likely won’t be able to afford the product OR it won’t resonate with them in general.

A good example is if you’re a skincare company known for anti-aging products. While I say ya can never start too early, I don’t know many kids in that age range that are on the market for a new anti-aging eye cream.

You gotta use logic, people.

So this takes us back to the question of,  “How do I find ON-BRAND influencers?”

This requires a lot of legwork, I’m not going to lie. And I don’t recommend trying to take shortcuts because only YOUR BRAND will suffer if you make a mistake and endorse the wrong influencer. You run the risk of alienating a portion of your customer base if you’re backed by a controversial influencer or one who doesn’t have morals/standards that match up to your brand.

First, write out a list of the basics and answer the below questions.

  • What is my main sales vertical?
  • Who is my target demographic
  • Who is my customer
  • Where does my customer shop
  • What does my customer like?
  • What are the values of my company?

Once you have those questions answered, take it from the top.

Open up YouTube and type in the vertical you envision yourself tapping into. Filter through the first few videos that pop up to “Most Viewed.” And then start watching. Write down & build yourself a media list of influencers that you think would really appreciate the product that you’re selling, if only because it aligns with their values.

I would recommend that as you’re manually searching through YouTube, you peep the sidebar of influencers that you really connect with. YouTube has a super smart algorithm that’ll “suggest” content creators that are similar to what you’re watching and that’s an awesome way to discover new creators that should align with you/ your brand.

Example? Let’s say you’re a vegan beauty brand. Go to YouTube and type in “Vegan” and “Makeup Tutorial” for a TONNN of results of content creators!

One little bit of advice that I can impart on you in your search is to not get blown away by subscriber count. Numbers aren’t everything, instead I implore you to focus on the up and coming influencer.


Simple, grow with them. Not only will they remember you as a brand that truly believed in them from the beginning, but it’ll foster a relationship that’ll grow over time and pay itself off over and over again.

As always, look at their engagement over their numbers and see that their following truly cares about what the influencer is posting.

Good luck, hit me with your questions in the comments!!

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  2. Maria Smith

    October 11th, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Thank you for the article.

    Great blog that I enjoyed reading.

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