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September 25, 2017

A Day in the Life: Generation Beauty by Ipsy PR Event

*All images in this post are used with permission …. :)*

Working as a PR girl is honestly hilarious sometimes. Particularly during event time!

There’s definitely this perception that follows anyone in the field of public relations, and it typically is of some shiny-haired, skinny, latte-sipping girl who is never seen with a chip in her manicure or stinky breath. While I’m sure those PR girls exist (how, I’m not really sure…) but the truth is that perception is more than a little skewed. All of the PR girls I know are hard-working women who thrive off of fast-paced environments, who kill themselves to work around the clock to meet deadlines, and do ridiculous things to keep their clients happy.


This past weekend was spent at #GenerationBeauty by Ipsy where the Glamour Dolls Makeup team absolutely CRUSHED it! For those of you who don’t know (have you been listening to ANY of my podcasts?!) Ipsy is a beauty-centric subscription box company that allows subscribers to pay ten bucks a month to receive a “glam bag” of makeup goodies delivered right to their door. The subscription service has nearly 3 million subscribers to date, and I can tell you that it’s truly the best makeup subscription service out there.

After realizing the glam bags were doing so well, the Ipsy team decided to start hosting conventions around the US (and now Canada!) where the brands that sample in the Ipsy bags can set up a booth and meet the ipsters who discovered the brand through the subscription service. Cool, right? Those trade shows are called Generation Beauty by Ipsy.

There is a third pillar to the Ipsy company which focuses on providing support to growing influencers. Ipsy management realized that up-and-coming content creators are the wave of the future, and that they should get support from SOMEONE to help them grow their channels and produce quality content. IpsyOS was then born. IpsyOS stands for “Ipsy Open Studios,” a community for influencers to connect and come into Ipsy HQ in California to use professional filming equipment for FREE that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Not only that, Ipsy provides the community with access to brands through sponsored events, which is absolutely invaluable.

Anyway, so yes. Glamour Dolls Makeup had our first Gen Beauty NYC experience and I am so so so proud of the little #glamfam that could. We went to set up on Friday AM at the Javits Center in NYC and didn’t stop moving until Sunday at 5PM. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I couldn’t wait to share some of the photos with you all!!


As you all know, a LOT goes into planning to participate in an event as large as this. As we were a silver sponsor brand, we were given a footprint of 10’x10′ to work with. Our co-founder, Jessica, found an inspiration picture from Pinterest that she wanted to recreate IRL and that’s what we used to anchor all of our design decisions.

First step? Find and contact all of your vendors. We had to work with a florist (shout out to Desiree Dean Designs), a graphics vendor (shout out to Ken at Source4) to produce the faux-wood backdrop, and the show management team to ensure that we followed all of the guidelines to getting our stuff into the Javits Center flawlessly.

Word to the wise, always label every single box going to your booth with your brand name, booth number, contents in the box, and contact information in case anything gets lost along the way.

We were working with a super tight budget, so we asked a friend to help us out with a work truck to drive us and our stuff into the Javits center the day before the show started to set up. Fun times.

During Event:

The reality of events like these is that consumers pay a lot of money for a ticket in order to collect freebies from each booth participating. Knowing that, we were super strategic in what we gave away and what we required of the consumer to collect their freebie.

PopSockets are the hottest thing right now, so it was a no-brainer that we wanted to have a bunch made as our giveaway. We kept our logo small (so people would be more likely to use it!) and featured our SUPER CUTE office pup, Beetlejuice! Adorable, right?

Consumers were required to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our email list in order to secure their PopSocket. We also sold our Lisa Frank x Glamour Dolls blush brush and blending brush, as well as our Glamour Dolls Makeup Fakecation Bronzer (BEST BRONZER ON THE MARKET, IT’S UNIVERSAL, HUGE, AND ONLY COSTS FIVE BUCKS!)

Everyone LOVED the PopSockets and we loved getting to meet so many fans of our brand!

Post- Event:


I have a love/hate relationship with breaking down after any event. The #GlamFam was on point though, and we collapsed the two backdrops we had built and packed away our table in literal record time.

Fun fact, events held at locations that require you to only use “Union Laborers” suck. Because you (as a brand) aren’t allowed to walk any of your booth assets to the loading dock and into the back of your truck if it’s waiting for you. Union people have to do it for you. And trust when I say that they are in absolutely no hurry to move your shit for you.

Like I said, I am so proud of this little team and how we absolutely turned UP at Generation Beauty. I highly highly highly encourage you all to check out the Glamour Dolls Makeup line, I think it’s the shit but I’m also clearly biased 😉 Everything is cruelty-free, vegan, and retails for under five dollars. I’m telling you, the quality is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

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