October 10, 2017

Episode 5: Internet Nomad Lynette Cenee on Creating Art (Not Just Content) #BeyondtheBranding

Who’s excited for today’s episode?

I know I am! I’ve been lucky to cross paths with some pretty rad people in my time as a PR girl, and Lynette is definitely up there as one of the coolest I’ve had a chance to chat with. She has a super cool story about how she got started in the industry (did you know that she was casted for her channel versus starting randomly on her own? Now ya do.) and how she got to where she is now.

Lynette is most known because of her affiliation with Ipsy, so we cover EVERYTHING that she’s had the chance to experience in life within the influencer space thanks to both her Ipsy contract and her own hustle.

I’d like to point out that while she’s experienced a lot of seriously awesome opportunities, it’s never once gotten to her head. She’s so down-to-Earth, and relates to people in a way that immediately makes you think that you’ve been her best friend for your whole life.

Oh, she ALSO just launched a LIPSTICK collaboration with Nudestix!! It’s available as part of the Creator’s Palette sold at Sephora, and the shade is called ‘Sonoran.’ RUN (don’t walk) to pick yours up, I’m pretty sure it’s limited-edition.

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Episode 5: Internet Nomad @LynetteCenee on Creating Art (Not Just Content) #BeyondtheBranding

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