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November 20, 2017

How to Manage Social Media Accounts Effectively

Social media management. You either love it or hate it, depending on how big your company is and how much time you truly have to dedicate to the process. If you were to ask me? I’m a fan so long as I can plan ahead. The success of social comes with being able to plan nearly a month’s worth of content at-a-glance and take the stress off of posting in the moment.

What do I mean by that?

Well, guys. Hate to break it to you if you’ve been logging into and manually posting to multiple social accounts (ESPECIALLY if you’re handling a lot of clients at once) but uh…there are tools out there that can make your life waaaaay easier. As in, you can schedule things ahead of time so you don’t have to think of a witty Instagram caption on-the-fly.

Or, did you know that to prove effectiveness you have to tweet nearly 20 times a day? The shelf life of a tweet is essentially non-existent in comparison to other social channels meaning you really have to babysit the damn platform in order to see any growth whatsoever. Scheduling tools help you to at least push out that minimum 20 tweets a day so all YOU have to do is go in and engage…which let’s be real, is the fun part about social media management at the end of the day.

So what are these social management tools I speak of and which do I recommend?

I’m going to preface this by saying everyone is different. Some people like to visually see how their feed is going to be laid out before posting, and some could care less. I use a variety of different tools to help keep my life straight, but don’t hesitate to play around with a combination until you find the tools that work best for YOU.

  1. Tailwind: A well-known social media management tool that usually pops up in conversation when chatting about Pinterest in particular, it boasts a wide range of capabilities like being able to schedule out pins, draft Facebook posts, and schedule Instagram shots. It even gives you hashtags relating to your niche while you schedule those IG posts and lets you know which ones are good or competitive to use. That is worth it’s weight in gold alone because hashtag research is annoying and time-consuming.
  2. Planoly: Like I prefaced before, I’m a hugely visual person. Planoly is specific to Instagram and it allows you to lay out your feed in a grid pattern so you can ensure that your account looks cohesive as a whole. It also allows you to create “groups” of hashtags to save and copy/paste once your IG post goes live. SO HELPFUL!!!
  3. Hootsuite: I like HS particularly for scheduling out Twitter content & syndication because it makes it so. Damn. Easy. Literally, the user interface is really easy to understand and use, it has a built-in link shrinker which allows you to make the most of your *280 characters.
  4. Trello/ Asana: I’m grouping these two together because they’re similar (but very different at the same time.) Essentially, these are two different types of project management tools. In full transparency, I don’t really use either one of them BUT I’ve only heard glowing reviews of how they keep you on track with accomplishing your tasks in an orderly manner. Think of them like a checklist but on steroids, they are a to-do list that digitally keeps you in check to ensure that you have your content planned to a T in a general sense. Think Creative Collective is a lovely lady pair who put out a course on Trello for Business that comes SUPER highly recommended if you’re looking into streamlining your content management.
  5. Afterlight: Everyone has their favorite photo editing app but mine (without any competition) is Afterlight. I have the Pro version and it was worth every single penny of the $4.99 I paid. Not only are the presets rad, but you can actually upload your own if you feel so inclined and are photoshop-savvy. It is a super powerful little app that can really amp up the quality of your photography if taking pics isn’t your regular jam.
  6. Facetune: So Facetune is a little more like Photoshop when it comes to altering your physical appearance easily. You could theoretically alter your body shape (maybe to nip in your waist a bit) but the only feature I really use is the Whitening one. Yes, it works to whiten teeth but it also works amazingly well at whitening OTHER aspects of a picture to really make them pop. Many of the bloggers you follow probably use this app to help them achieve their stark white feeds!
  7. Word Swag: This app isn’t actually mentioned too often and I can’t understand why! It’s perfect for creating quote images that perform really well on both Pinterest and Instagram. They have a HUGE selection of stock photos you can use as a background to text overlay OR you can upload your own. Pretty sure it’s free too!
  8. Pic Splitter Lite: Have you ever wanted to take one picture and tile it into 9 smaller pictures that you then upload to Instagram in a block? Well, Pic Splitter is the app to help you achieve that look! It’s SO easy to use and the Lite version is free!!

That is just the tip of the iceberg my friends, but hold onto your hats because I have a freebie coming your way in my next post that’ll knock your socks off. Have you ever wished that all of the resources you could ever need as a public relations professional were listed in one spot? I mean EVERYTHING, from gifting ideas to social media management tools to event vendors…?

Well, I made one for you.

This list is the ultimate key to crushing it as a public relations person because it’ll save you both time and money. I swear by every single item I’ve listed within the 50 item toolkit, and trust when I say you’ll catch yourself referencing it nearly every single day.

So how do you get a copy for yourself [FOR FREE]???

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