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December 4, 2017

Your Ultimate Public Relations Resource Guide {FREEBIE DOWNLOAD}

Remember last week I said that I had the ultimate resource guide for public relations professionals or wannabes? I was originally going to market this as a list for beginners, or peeps who are looking to break into PR but to be honest? I bet even if you’ve been in the industry for ten thousand years and are a dinosaur, you could be missing one or two of these essential tips that would make your life SO MUCH EASIER!

Well, today is your lucky day.

Let’s chat. Shall we?

Listen, it’s no secret that breaking into the public relations industry is annoyingly like… a huge mystery. Nothing you learn in college or university actually ends up being applicable in “real life” and there are so few legit PR websites to reference when trying to better understand exactly what you’re signing up for. In fact, I honestly only know one…PR Couture, which is AMAZING and I recommend you bookmark…but that’s about it.

I’m here to make your life a little easier, friends.

This resource guide includes absolutely everything you need for a strong foundation in the public relations industry (whether you work in-house or at an agency.) Basically, I made a cheat sheet. And am giving it away for free. Sounds crazy, but grab your copy and run because I haven’t decided how long to leave this baby public!!

I pulled a few MVPs from each section to highlight below, but again this is just scratching the surface of what’s in this guide. Check it out…

Section 1: The Everyday Essentials

This is the stuff you need to function on a daily basis. Everything from the best email platform to use to the best cell phone for managing #content and clients, this section is for the basics. A few of my faves that deserve to shine?

  • YAMM Gmail Plugin– This plugin (hilariously called, Yet Another Mail Merge) is a gift from above. Seriously. If you’re still BCCing your emails to media, you’re living in the stone age and it’s time to bring it to the 21st century. YAMM allows you to personalize your emails automatically, which is honestly the most important part of pitching.
  • Google Alerts- I’ve sung the praises of Google Alerts for the poor PR girl before, but it’s honestly the best free service out there for media monitoring. Just pop in your boolean search terms and call it a day, you’ll get an email as soon as an article goes live featuring those keywords.
  • WeTransfer Plus– Ugh. THE BEST way to link files/ images/ etc. to anyone. Period. It’s simple to use, and cheap to sign up for for the premium plan. Use it any time you’re sending stuff to people. Oh, and a side note…ALWAYS properly label files. Rename them to have not stupid file names. If I’m sending pictures on behalf of my brand, I always put the brand name and product name in the file name. Makes life easier on the editor.

Section 2: Influencer Relations

This is for my influencer-specific teams. Those of you who live in the YouTube/ social sphere and know the intimate details of the top performing influencers in your verticals. I got one website for you that you should ABSOLUTELY bookmark…

  • Social Blade- This is great for tracking influencers and seeing how their content/ follower count/ analytics matches up to reality. This’ll save you from blowing money working with influencers who plain aren’t a good fit for one reason or another.

Section 3: PR Gifting Ideas/ Services

Because I love gifting (remember? I spoke about it in this post) and this is a great way to let someone know you appreciate their help!

Section 4: Social Media Management

I’ve found one super cool tool that made doing a weekly Facebook Live session for my 9-5 so much easier. We’re totally bootstrapping it (no studio, no fancy lights, no nothing) but this one little app rocked our world.

  • Reflector 2For mirroring Instagram/Facebook Live onto your Mac desktop so you can read the comments easier. GAME. CHANGER.

Want to check out the whole resource guide in it’s glory?

Simple, all you have to do is click this link and gimme your info.

I’ll send you a copy immediately, and then you can take some time to digest and reflect on all the stuff you were doing the hard way.

I’m only partially kidding, I hope this is a genuine resource guide for ya and not one that makes you want to kick yourself for missing out on tools that would have made your job 10x easier for the past five years or something.

Do you have any tips/tricks/hacks that have made your public relations life so much easier? Drop ’em in the comments and be a hero!


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