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December 6, 2017

PR Girl of the Week: Clarissa Dickinson #WomanCrushWednesday

I think the best part of any industry is the connections that you make as you grow within your career, amiright? I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with so many bad-ass public relations practitioners since I started my career as a PR girl, and they all are walking VERY different paths within the industry.

To be honest, that’s what makes PR so special, because literally no two jobs in public relations are alike. Not only does the role change based on the vertical that you work (working in fashion is a total 180 difference from working in pharma, for example) but also based on if you work in-house with the brand or at an agency that handles multiple clients.

I’m all about education here (as you all already can tell if you’ve been hanging around here for any length of time) and in the spirit of sharing points of view, I’ve harassed a few of my PR friends to open up about their jobs, what they like about ’em, and ask questions to help debunk/ demystify different facets of the industry through their own experiences.

Dope, right?

The first person I harassed (who actually answered, shout out to you Clarissa!) I actually met through another PR girl in the industry. Don’t worry, that friend’s interview is coming soon hehe. But Clarissa and I clicked right away, she is an incredible PR practitioner who has turned a bit into an influencer herself! I totally commend her for her hustle and dedication to being a kickass PR girl, and am amped to share our convo with ya.

Before we get into it, make sure you go follow Clarissa over on Instagram for some drool-worthy #foodporn!

HEY GIRL! Thank you for being down to get into the hot seat, we appreciate you!!! Introduce yourself, who are you and where do you work?!?!

I work for Allison+Partners, Assistant Account Executive!!

*ed. note: for those of you who aren’t familiar, Allison + Partners is a global PR agency that has clients spanning from Toyota all the way to Moe’s Southwest Grill. My personal fave, obviously. 

Why PR? What made you want to be a PR girl?

I started college as an undecided major and after switching 5 times in my first quarter of school, they made me take a aptitude test which said I should do culinary or communications and I thought communications sounded more feasible so I switched to the PR major and never looked back!

Tell us what your day-to-day looks like!

Like all good AAEs [Assistant Account Executive] I start all days with monitoring for clients, flagging any worthy coverage and spending some time looking at both world news and consumer news to see if there’s anything applicable to my clients. Every day after that is different which is why I love PR. Some days it’s a lot of send outs and monitoring, but some days it’s building our entire PR plans for a client or helping with new business pitches.

Any apps/ devices/ websites that you couldn’t live without?

Instagram, iPhone PLUS (social stalking influences and editors is a lot easier on a bigger screen…plus portrait mode), and Cision!

*ed note: I talk about Cision here, but essentially it’s a database that houses contact information for media. You can search it sorta like a Google specific to our industry!

What’s your advice for those looking to break into public relations?

Make friends in the business and network! I went to a panel discussion on PR my senior year in college and hear a local PR agency owner speak and went up to her after and said, “I’m in school part time until June and I’m looking for an internship!” I started with her a week later and working there is what made me decide agency PR was what I wanted to pursue after graduation.

Public Relations is often a misunderstood profession…What is one myth about PR you’d like to dispel?

We aren’t editors! My parents still think I literally write stories for online outlets/magazines because I send them links to great placements I’ll get and they’re response is always, “Wow! So you wrote this?” LOL!

*Ed note: This. ALL OF THIS. This is fucking hilarious.


Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us, we love you and CONGRATULATIONS on absolutely kicking ass in the PR world. Guys, please go and follow Clarissa on social (you don’t want to miss all of the awesome baked goods she whips up.) She also has a blog here, if that’s more your jam.

If there are any questions you all want me to ask our NEXT #WomanCrushWednesday, slide into my DMs on Instagram (that’s usually where I hang out) or shoot me an email at Until next week!!

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