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December 13, 2017

PR Girl of the Week: Sarah Brovda #WomanCrushWednesday


Last week’s Woman Crush Wednesday post was certainly a hit. Thanks guys, glad you like meeting the dope people that I get to work with. Clarissa is awesome, right? ICYMI, check out her interview here and her blog here. Trust when I say you don’t want to miss following her on Instagram either. The #FoodPorn is so unrealllllllll!

We’re back again with another interview this week, this time with someone I’m super proud to call a mentor of mine having known her since I was an itty bitty baby in the public relations field.

TBT to when I was a MAC Cosmetics Global Comm intern.

Sarah was my boss, and she is amazing. I’ve loved being able to kind of watch her crush it from afar, and listen to me when I say this girl freaking hustles. I (to this day!!) have no idea how she’s able to manage so much and keep all of the balls in the air. It’s super impressive and that’s pretty much why I cornered her and got her to spill some tea about her experience in the PR world along with any advice she has to share. Take notes, people!

Where do you currently work and what is your title?

FARSALI, Integrated Marketing & PR Manager!

Why PR? What made you want to be a PR girl?
 I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion. I began interning in high school to get my feet wet, and was beyond lucky to land at Evins Communications as a summer intern early on in my journey. There, I was given the responsibilities of a typical PR assistant, working on their beauty brands, from sending out samples to blogger reach out. I fell in love. For me, PR marries all of the things I love, building relationships, writing, reading, thinking creatively, events, etc., without ever being bound to one specific piece for too long.
Tell us what your day-to-day looks like! Don’t be shy, we like hearing the dirty details.
I recently made the switch from corporate to start up, so every day is truly an adventure. I get to get my hands dirty, and touch parts of the FARSALI business that I would never have been exposed to in my previous role at a larger brand. I’m working on everything from strategy, to pitching, to influencer relations, to working on the creative for our mailers/gifting, to social media posts/copy.
Any apps/ devices/ websites that you couldn’t live without?
My phone sadly never leaves my hand – it’s something I want to work on for 2018. Of course being tuned in to Instagram is a major part of my job, but if I spent 1/10th of the time I spend on my phone on something productive (like going to the gym), I’d be a Victoria’s Secret model. I want to start using the phone for more productive purposes – like listening to podcasts, learning a language or meditating.
Working/being an adult has made me (sometimes sadly) a little less spontaneous – I live and die by my Calendar app. If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening.
I’m always trolling all of the beauty and fashion sites out there (part of the job), but I truly am addicted to The Cut and BYRDIE – I’m refreshing their pages multiple times per day.
I’m also scarily addicted to The Skinny Confidential and all of Lauryn’s media properties – I will honestly buy anything she tells me to; my apartment is filled with acupuncture mats, jade rollers,GG crackers and maca powder because of her. And of course, I listen to The Morning Breath each morning – or, if I’m feeling super indulgent, save them all for a slow Friday and binge listen.
What’s your advice for those looking to break into public relations?
 Reach out to everyone whose job title, Instagram, LinkedIn profile, etc. interests you for an informational interview. Don’t go in with a purpose of becoming their intern or trying to break into their company, but do it to genuinely hear their experiences and learn from them. This won’t just help you get a feel for they do or brand(s) they work on, but may end up being a connection for you at some point. You’ll be on their mind as a candidate whenever they hear of a job opening, or could even become a mentor or better yet, a true friend in the industry. Relationships are the center of PR, so this is a skill you’ll need to hone anyway! Also, intern intern intern. Interning helps you not only figure out what you like, but what you don’t like – which is just as important.
Public Relations is often a misunderstood profession…What is one myth about PR you’d like to dispel?
I think PR is seen as such a fluffy job, when it’s really a huge part of why a product is successful, especially in the world of social media. Word of mouth is king, and that organic conversation oftentimes starts with PR – whether or not people realize it!
Guys, huge thank you to Sarah for answering our burning questions. Go and FOLLOW her on Instagram, and drop me a note via email [] or slide into my DMs if you have any questions you want me to ask NEXT week’s guest!

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