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August 6, 2018

Let’s Create Content {Iphoneographers Welcome}

I freely admit that when I create content, I am an iPhonographer.

What is that, you ask?

Yerp. That’s not to say that I don’t have decent camera equipment that I can use if I want, but to be quite honest…You don’t really need to invest in that right off-the-bat.

I think the most common question people ask once they find out what I do for a 9-5 job situation is easily, “…But you don’t have a graphic design/ art/ fine art/ photography/ enter-other-artsy-qualification-degree-here.”

And guess what?

Those people who assume that those qualifications are necessary in order to run social media are more or less not wrong. They just aren’t entirely RIGHT either!

Look, in a perfect world? Would having a graphic design or photography degree seriously help my social media management game?

Fucking OF COURSE.

I work for a very small start-up, meaning budgets are tight. I don’t have the luxury of hiring a photographer for every single formal shoot that we coordinate if we’re launching new products. In fact, more often than not…that isn’t an option. I also don’t have the luxury of hiring a graphic designer who can retouch all of the content shot at those shoots. The reality of the situation is, the more you can teach yourself and the more marketable skills you have… the better.

As soon as I realized the days of large corporate budgets were behind me (where literally, the social media content creation team ALONE consisted of two separate dedicated graphic retouchers as well as a creative director who ran all of the creative photoshoots while the four-person social media team basically just RECEIVED the final content to schedule & caption out…) it was time to get down to business.

I immediately started scrounging the Internet for any tips at all on shooting product photography, and I only had an iPhone (not even a newer model) to work with. Over time, I invested in light equipment, props, and eventually a borrowed camera…but from the jump, none of that was available to me.

Here are a few tips & tricks that I can share that should help make your lives easier if you’re in my shoes. These tips are for the small biz owner who wants quality content to share on social media but doesn’t have the budget to hire outside professional help.


These are just some basics, but I feel like it’s never a bad idea to refresh ya memory. If you guys want to see these tips in action, go follow my Instagram. I frequently take you along as I set up, light, and capture social content in my studio at home. You can ask questions live while I’m shooting so I can tailor answers specifically for what you need.


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